WordPress Plugins are an easier way to add to functionality to a WordPress website without having to do that extra bit of coding.  There are endless wordpress pluginsoptions available, premium and free to help you build your website.  A wordpress  plugin is a great way of adding custom functions and features to tailor your website’s specific requirements.  Wether it be a simple contact form, booking calendar or slider display for your website there are so many out there to choose from.

When you are scrolling through the bottomless list of plugins it can be quite overwhelming and hard to decide which one to choose.  It takes time to sift through them all, read the reviews and then upload them to your site.  Here on the Envato blog they have listed the 50 best plugins as of October 2016 which I have found very interesting and helpful.

The Best WordPress Plugin

The Visual Composer Plugin works on any WordPress theme and comes in first place out of 50 and I can see why as this offers an extensive functionality and claims to work on any wordpress theme.  It offers the user over 45 premium content elements including; unlimited page designs, image filters and responsive layouts.  It looks pretty impressive and a definate decision to buy is granted when you’ve finished reading the reviews and looked over the endorsements from top brands such as Forbes, DHL, Coco Cola and Bloomberg.

Reading through this impressive article will leave you eager to get started on a new website.  Its comforting to know that there are so many WordPress Plugins out there to help you build a beautiful responsive website without the need of any coding expertise.