Local Website Design Service for new dog walking business in Ilkley

If you are looking for a local Website Design Service in West Yorkshire, Ilkey, Leeds or surrounding areas please bear JCM Website Design in mind.  I’ve just completed a new website for a local dog walking business in Ilkley – have a look:  www.moorwalkiesuk.co.uk.

My client had a strong vision of what her finished website should look like.  Her logo had to include the famous Ilkley Moor backdrop as this is where her dogs will be walked and the logo needed to be able to stand out and catch the eye of potential clientele in the Ilkley and Wharfedale area.    I drafted out six or seven different logo ideas and emailed the images to my client.  I then listened to her feedback, played around with different fonts added some paw prints and came up with the Moor Walkies Logo.  I provided my client with jpeg and png copies of the logo for her to use with her business stationery and social media.

Once the logo was in place, I got to work on the website layout.  The content for the pages had been carefully thought out and created by my client and was ready to paste into the new pages.  All I needed to do was get the look of the pages to work with what the client was dreaming of.

I already had images of the Cow and Calf Rocks in Ilkley.  As I offer a local website design service, I often take pictures whenever I am out and about just in case I might need them for a website, so I was really lucky in having free images for the site.  Using different images for each of the pages I then placed the text in a separate box on top of the images with a slightly transparent background to enable the Ilkley Moor image to be visible to the eye but without taking the focus away from the content.

The website design is simple, clean and easy on the eye and responsive to all browsers.  In my opinion, it’s best to have the background white or a pale colour to make it easy on the eye.  Having dark colours in the background doesn’t always work, but that is all down to taste.

Local Website Design Service includes a Blog

The website has plenty of room to grow.  A blog can be added and my client will be able to send me up to ten items a month as part of the hosting package.  She can send me some content with images and I will post this onto her blog for her.  I always advise my clients that content is key, therefore, to make sure this website is found on Google, we must keep it alive with fresh new content on a regular basis.  This is why I offer the option in my hosting plan, to encourage my clients to blog.

I really enjoyed creating this website.  I never actually met my client, we spoke on the phone and communicated via email which proves that even though I offer a local website design service, new clients do not need to be local.

Have a look at what I have created here:  www.moorwalkiesuk.co.uk.  If you like what you see, get in touch to discuss your requirements.