1852h0006-150x150What to Do When WordPress Gets Stuck In Maintenance Mode?

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When the WordPress updates come in its important that you carry these out straight away.  Sometimes there’s a little blip in the process and the update gets stuck in Maintenance mode.  You are left with a message on your website and can’t get it it back.  Here’s what to do to sort it out, its very easy…

Head off to your cpanel, then to the file manager to view the website files.  Or use ftp to access the website files.

You will see that in the root of the file there is a file called “maintenance”.  To check that this is the correct file check the date and time and if it is very recent then you know this is the problem file.  Just delete this file and your site will return.

If you need help with this drop me a line at hello@jcmwebsitedesign.co.uk and I will do it for you!