Following on from my post “Why you should have a blog on your website” its now time to talk about how your website should integrate with social media.  Working with your website and social media together will make an impact on your website traffic as well as boosting your social media presence.

social share and followAll your content; blog posts, videos, galleries etc should be made shareable.  If your visitor likes what they see then having the row of social share buttons at the top, bottom or side of the page will enable them to like, tweet, pin it etc.   Use only the social media networks that matter to your business.  As well as this you should also have links to your social media pages so visitors can follow you on social media.

Another great social interaction with your visitors is to allow them to log into your site with their social login instead of having to provide you with an email address and creating a new account with you.  This will greatly login in with social mediaimprove your visitor’s experience by allowing them to log into your site quickly and efficiently without have to key in all their personal details.  Implementing this process could increase your new registration conversation rates and increase your social media following.

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