Designing takes time and effort and lots of testing.  It shouldn’t be rushed.  If you rush through a web design job then you are just heading for disaster.  To rush a job is time consuming as you will end up taking longer to rectify your mistakes, overlooked items and forgotten elements you’ve missed because you wanted to get the job done.  You have to plan and test and tweak and cut and paste and stop and think and try again.

People have been requesting a dislike button on Facebook for years now and finally its happened!    Why has it taken so long?  Why haven’t they done it yet?   Facebook have been working hard behind the scenes perfecting their new reactions – they haven’t rushed in head first because they needed to get it right.  They’ve tweaked, tested and researched and finally after over a year of hard work they’ve finally got an end product.

Now we can Love, Ha Ha, Wow, Sad and Angry mark on posts.  This is a great change to Facebook and will be interesting to see if the amount of comments and interactions reduce on posts because users have more choices to express their reactions with a click of a button.

You can learn more about how Facebook came to the final product here: